10 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men


There is lots of difference between men and women. Sometimes there are many obvious differences which seems utterly baffling to both genders. Later on, these differences create misunderstanding, resentment, and bitterness in a relationship.  So for a healthy and fruitful partnership, understanding and accepting the inherent differences is the key.

In this article, we have discussed 10 things which men feel or face throughout their lives which a woman can never fully understand

  • No Emotional Support Men Have

As no one can fully support men, so they actually rise above their stereotypical image and display their feelings of sadness or loneliness. They have no emotional support.

  • A Compliment Is Rare For Men

Like women, men get compliment rarely. If we are thinking to give a compliment, we’ll just sit in silence while our brains try to figure out whether that was meant in sarcasm or was a genuine compliment?

  • Multitasking Is Impossible For Men

When comparing to women, men cannot be multitasking. At a time, women can do many more tasks than men. As men completely focus on one thing and complete that perfectly.

  • Shopping Is Boring For Men

For most men, shopping is such a boring task. They prefer, Enter store. Choose shirt/trouser, may be trying, pay up and move out. They shop when they need seriously.

  • Men Love Their Cars/ Bikes More

Because associating emotional value to certain objects is a trait dominant among women. They see it as an integral part of their fond memories, so get emotionally attached to their vehicle.

  • Men Can’t Resist The Urge To Get In Bed

In humans, by the hormone testosterone, the urge to have sex is controlled. In comparison to women, 20 times more Testosterone is inherently secreted in men. SO in men, the urge to have sex is also about 20 times more than in women.

  • Men Resist Advice from Women

As dominance by men, Improvement or any positive change unless conveyed properly is interpreted. As sovereignty is one of the virtues of men. To this independence of theirs, any unsolicited advice from women seems like a direct threat.

  • Men Help Only When Asked

Women help instinctively whereas Men help gladly when asked for. if someone asks for help, men, never seem to experience pride or privilege. Hence to offer help rarely feel compelled. While this tendency in men as a lack of empathy often misunderstood by women.

  • Men Prefer Solitude When Faced With A Problem

To prefer the solitude of men, there are 2 reasons. Men often frame the problem properly before expressing it to their lady. They need time and space to deal with it. Since childhood, Men are taught to be problem-solvers.

  • Solutions Are Offered By Men Always

Women often look for solutions from men, when they faced any problem. It is just an intrinsic part of our DNA to solve problems and find solutions.

So the bottom line is, everyone is better in its place. But they are different from each other. We can’t justify which one is good, bad, right or wrong. That’s it.


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