How To – Home Remedies to Cure Cracked Heels


It’s really a thing to avoid if you have cracked heels. Feeling ashamed to remove your shoes in public? We are very much aware of taking care of our skin, face and forgetting to take care of feet. The main reason of cracked heel is due to lack of care and hygiene.

What Causes Cracked Heels?

The reason is many like dry air, lack of any moisture, use of harsh soaps if you are suffering from cracked feet. You must take care of your feet, often feet crack happens when it is neglected. Food and water also impact. Standing on a hard floor for a long time, wearing wrong size shoes are also the reason for cracked feet. There are some medical conditions which lead to cracked feet like Psoriasis, diabetes, corns, eczema, calluses and thyroid. Winter season is also the reason when skin gets dry and crack. So you must avoid this situation if need a beautiful foot.

Heel Cracked Heel Fast Using Home Remedies

Home remedies are cheap and can be used by everyone. The home remedies have no side effect and best when it comes to skin treatment. Including the cracked heel problem, your kitchen is a treasure trove of amazing products with medicinal value and can treat many types of skin conditions. After using home remedies, some people may get the benefit, some may not. You need to use the easily available ingredients in a proper way and let the magic begin.

  • Turmeric And Milk Cream:

As we know turmeric is rich in curcumin and milk cream is a natural moisturizing agent. Curcumin has the property to heal blotchy, dry and cracked skin as it is a natural therapeutic agent, used in many massage oils and massage creams also. Turmeric not only enhances complexion but also a cleansing and repairing agent.

Make a thick paste using milk cream and turmeric. Apply it and rinse with lukewarm eater after 30min. Apply Vaseline jelly on your feet and rest them overnight. By doing this process regularly, you will get a soft and smooth foot.

  • Aloe Vera Gel:

When it comes to skin healing and softening, how can we forget aloe vera? Cut aloe leaf, remove its gel and make a paste. Mix the gel with rose water. The stressed skin cells around your heels will be repaired by this paste. Reducing pain and inflammation, it will help a lot. This paste will hydrate and soften the skin. It replaces the dead skin cells with fresh smooth cells naturally.

  • Oat Paste:

One of the healthiest breakfast recipes is Oatmeal. It is rich in nutrients. For cracked heels, these nutrients work wonders. Boil oats and mix them adding lemon juice. Initially, on the feet, it will sting but thoroughly will clean the cracks.

  • Rosewater and Glycerin

Another effective home remedies for the cracked heel is rose water and glycerine. Mix it and apply on cracked heels. We know rose water is rich in vitamins A, B3, C, and D and also to keep your heels soft and properly moisturized glycerine serves well.

Above home, remedies will help you to get a smooth and painless foot inducing cracked heels. Pamper those ignored heels by practicing above methods. You will get healthy radiant and soft feet skin as your face is.


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