How to Gain Weight Fast & Quickly


As everyone is trying for weight loss, burn fat, shed pounds, so the word weight gain is such a negative word. But some people, who are dealing with emotional, hormonal, physical or nutritional problems, really need to gain weight to stay healthy. There are many people who are naturally inclined to being skinny. In some cases people need to lose weight, like following injury or surgery, undergoing some treatment, which needs to shed weight. So if you are skinny and want to gain weight fast and quickly, there are many natural ways.

How To Gain Weight Fast?

Eating more meal, decreasing intake of liquid, doing exercise, more sleeping, and eating before bed; such practices are lead to gain weight easily.

  • Eating More and More:

To beat your typical calorie intake, you must eat more meals per day and also increase the quantity of food. By increasing your daily food consumption than your standard meal, will make you feel full and your body will not get a chance to burn calorie completely.

  • Doing Exercise:

As we know, by doing exercise, you can lose weight and burn calories. But when it can be done combining with an excess of calories, the muscle mass will increase which help you gain lean muscle as well as the desired amount of weight, rather than deposition of fat.

  • Eating Before Sleeping:

Your body will use the calories to gain weight if you are eating right before going to bed. The calories will repair the body shape and size, hence weight gain. Do you know when you take rest; your body becomes busy using calories? So remember, before sleeping takes high-protein or whole-wheat snack; if you want to gain weight quickly and easily.

  • Lowering Liquid Intake:

If you want to gain weight than your normal size, then remember to drink less liquid. If you are drinking more water, juice, coffee, tea shakes or smoothies, then lower the quantity. As these things will make you feel full and satiate your hunger, though these are low in calories. It will help you to gain weight.

  • Sleep More:

To add some pounds and gain weight sleeping more like 8 hours per day is another important key. If your sleeping time will be less, your body will lose weight rather than gaining. As when you lack sleep, metabolism level becomes unstable to lose weight quickly.

  • Weightlifting to Build Muscles:

When you are on a MISSION to gain weight, must do cardio exercises like running, swimming, weight lifting which is more effective. By doing this type of exercise, your body burns more calories and needs more food to fill that. When you will eat more, your extra calories will take part in building muscles. You’ll also get a shaped, well-built physique, an added bonus to weight gain.

Basically, the simple rule to gain weight is to keep eating and eating; and also increases the quantity of food intake. If after doing such practices to gain weight, you are adding some pounds, it’s time to consult a doctor. The condition of being underweight or skinny may be due to another some health problem like hyperthyroidism, cancer or diabetes. So follow the practices to gain weight fast and quickly.


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