How to Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winter?


In the winter season, we often had dry and flaky skin. Often, smooth silky skin lustre dried out by cold, dry winter. Rather this, other factors also responsible for dry skin, such as ageing, nutritional deficiencies, and a genetic predisposition.

To fight with dry skin, there are many creams and lotions available in the market. These are costly and often not handy for all. So we can choose natural home remedies; which are not only cheap but also effective in hydrating and nourishing dry skin back to a healthy state. Here are some home remedies.

  • Coconut Oil For Dry Skin

Among many natural home remedies found in the kitchen, coconut oil is best topical treatments and effective for dry skin also. Taking in every last drop of moisture, when you rub coconut oil into your skin, it’s absorbed very slowly. Skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis also treated with coconut oil. Its a win, win situation.

  • Avoid Taking Steamy Showers

Just like heat styling, long and steamy showers can really dry out your skin and damage you also. Don’t think, in winter to take a bath in cold water in the morning. You can shower with warm water, not hot. It will improve the moisture amount in your skin.

  • Exfoliation Is Necessary

Those people who have dry skin often think that exfoliation cause harm to their skin. But it is proven that dull and dry skin needs to be buffed away, so that clean, fresh skin can shine. As opposed to harsh and large, go for exfoliants that are gentle and small to use on your face. Do the exfoliation procedure two to three times per week for better results.

  • Keep An Eye On Skin Moisturizing

Among the many beauty routines, we mostly skip moisturizing step. As it takes time and many of us don’t like the feel of lotion on legs or anything else. So when you have dry skin, skipping moisturizer is not the better option. If you want to do this procedure quickly, use spray lotion instead. You can choose body oil also.

  • Necessary To Think About Diet

In winter, we most love to eat potatoes or meat, but you must think about your diet. It must be supplemented with fish like salmon and tuna. Due to the high content of omega-3 fat, these will maintain moisturization of your skin better.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated By Drinking More Water

If you prefer to drink coffee or tea, your skin must feel dry. As Coffee is a diuretic, it causes your body to lose fluids. To keep your skin hydrated, you should be upping the amount of water you drink. It should be at least eight glasses per day so that your skin can be hydrated from the inside out.

Winter comes with loads of dryness, itchiness, allergies and redness on our body & face. So to manage this condition with a smart & durable move, we all depend upon chemical laden moisturisers and creams while ignoring home remedies and healthy habits. These can actually beat winter dryness and other skin issues. We have discussed above some proven and accessible home remedies to overcome dryness in winter. Try them to keep your skin glow and shine.


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