How to Increase Height Naturally After 21 Years of Age


A proper height is essential for most people, as for managing your personality, height plays a major role. After 21years of age, being short does not mean that a person is lacking a good personality, to get easier attention, taller people are generally more confident. There are many factors which affect your height and one of the main factors is genetics. But proper diet, environment and your regular activities could increase your height to 2-3 inches.

  1. Appropriate Nutrition and Balanced Diet

If you want to get an eye-catching height after the age of 21, along with nutrition, balanced and proper diet is necessary. For the growth of body proper diet is necessary as it absorbs essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and combines them into your system for the appropriate growth and height. A balanced diet must include phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, and calcium-based foods.

2. Necessary Vitamin D for Height Growth

The major source of Vitamin D is the Sunlight. Vitamin D helps to develop bones which increase height after 21yers of age. The perfecting timing for sunbath is late afternoon and early morning as during this time, as the ultraviolet rays are produced at its smallest. By this time, your body is completely safe for its exposure and you can give the necessary dose of Vitamin D to your body.

3. Must Include Regular Exercise

For keeping and maintaining a good health, regular exercise is also important. It may be a 30 minutes’ walk or running on the tracks, for a good health, it is recommended to be necessary. Among many exercises, cycling and swimming help a lot to increase height after 21 years of age in a natural way.

4. Importance of Stretching for Height Development

Among many exercises, by stretching your body will increase your height. Find a suitable gym where you can do proper stretching exercise. You can do it in your home also. For all ages and sexes, stretching exercise is necessary. It makes flexible your bones and hence helps in bone development.

Some common stretching exercises are twisting your legs to stretch, bow down pose, and stretch your body exercising. You will not only increase your height by doing these workouts but also improve your posture.

5. Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy):

In the lands of India, there is a herb found named Giloy which helps to increase height after 21years. Buy a powder of Giloy and swallow a teaspoon of powder. Otherwise, you can mix it in warm water and consume it. It will strengthen your body tissue and allow them for a natural growth. It will help to increase height by 2-3 inches.

So after the age of 21, it may be difficult to increase height but not impossible at all. Above simple guidelines will help you to improve your height naturally and regularly although staying healthy and balanced as well.


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