How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy


Pregnancy and having a baby is the ultimate pleasure in life. But after gaining weight in pregnancy and losing that weight after pregnancy is difficult. You may be thinking to reduce weight automatically after pregnancy but it takes so long for your belly to shrink. Whether your body will regain its shape, how to lose the unnecessary fat of the belly, such questions arise in our mind.


If you are thinking about those celebrity moms, you may think you should come out from the hospital looking as though you were never even pregnant. Here are some steps you must follow if you want to reshape your body.

Step 1:

Think about your body; is it really able to lose weight after giving birth? It is recommended that you should control your diet after your six- or eight-week check-up, until that time, you should wait.

Step 2:

Plan how much to reduce weight means If prior to your pregnancy you were a healthy weight or If you were overweight before getting pregnant then set your pre-pregnancy weight as a goal. Consult your doctor, they must guide you a healthy weight range for your height and age.

Step 3:

If you are doing breastfeeding, then you must think your infant has adequate nutrition, so between 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day you can consume. In a week, you will shed 1-2 pounds of weight if you are following these calorie levels. For healthy weight loss, you must consult your dietician on how many calories you need.

Step 4:

Avoid processed foods and plan to consume three low-calorie meals each day. Consider eating natural breakfast foods like egg white omelettes, shredded wheat cereal, steel-cut oats or bran. For lunch, you should take green salads and whole fruit, baked chicken or seafood or grain bread and wraps. If you really want to lose pregnancy weight, your dinner plate must include with vegetables and fruit, and one-quarter of your plate for a whole grain, and use one-quarter of your plate for a lean protein.

Step 5:

Say NO to high-calorie foods. These will not make you fill up. Avoid eating chips and fried foods, chocolate candy or desserts. It is difficult to keep your calorie intake to a weight loss level. In dessert, you can choose low-calorie fruit, baked potatoes over deep-fried foods or baked chips.

Step 6:

Exercise is a must along with diet. In the morning, you can lift weights every other day, walking with your baby. If you will follow a regular exercise with diet, you will shed pounds easily.

Step 7:

Weight checkup is necessary if you are following above steps to lose weight. This will help you to track your weight loss progress and after giving birth ensure you lose weight at an appropriate rate.


The best weight loss tip is to drink more water throughout the day to stay hydrated and feel full. If you are breastfeeding, avoid using excessive caffeine. Prepare your food before going busy, so that after a busy day you will avoid eating high-calorie fast food.


Always follow your Dietician’s advice and guidance on weight loss after pregnancy. If you begin to lose more than 2 pounds per week, include more calories.

So following these tips will help you in losing post-pregnancy weight in a healthy way. You must not forget to have a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle rather than just planning to lose weight severely just like your favorite celebrity Mom.


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