How Too Much Sleep Or Oversleeping Is Harmful To Health


Adequate sleep is necessary for a good health. With proper and quality sleep, you can concentrate on your work in the daytime. It also helps to refresh and recover from wear and tear. Hence, from obesity and diabetes to premature death, your body will stay protected. But too much sleep is harmful to your body. DO you know how?

Too much sleeping has many adverse effects on our body. Here we have discussed some reasons. Read below to know more.

Weight Gain

If body stores fat, Oversleeping has a great impact. A research has been shown that there has been 21% or higher chance of getting obese in comparison to those who are sleeping 10+ hours per night than those sleeping 7-8 hours. Moreover, sleeping too much avoids you to do exercise and hence weight increases. Diet and exercise had no impact on oversleeping and weight gain.


Migraines and headache are the two common symptoms of oversleeping, commonly known as “a weekend headache”. It happens due to a disruption in levels of key neurotransmitters known as serotonin.

In the same way, sleeping too much in daytime makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep hence morning headaches caused by this.

Back Pain

Back pain is another symptom of oversleeping. As sleeping for a long time causes muscle stiffness and hence increases pain. Sometimes, sleeping in an unideal position also causes back pain.

SO doctors advice to limit the sleeping time by doing some exercise if you want to get rid of back pain. This is the main treatment for oversleeping back pain.

Premature Aging

By sleeping for a long time, causes your brain to age faster. It has been proven that adults, who spend too much time in sleeping, increase their brain by as much as 2 years faster. Hence symptoms like memory loss, poor concentration has been seen which affects your ability to perform basic daily tasks. Gradually, mental degenerative disorders also developing.

Heart Disease & Diabetes

The increased risk of heart disease by as much as 28% as well as Diabetes is also due to oversleeping like 9-11 hours per night. Death risk caused by heart attack is by 34%. Likewise, oversleeping increases your blood sugar level. There is an increased risk of Type II Diabetes along with an obese and sedentary lifestyle.

Decrease Fertility

Through our active and inactive schedule, the release of hormones highly impacted that involves reproduction. SO oversleeping lowers the chance of conceiving 43% less than those who sleep for a normal time. Those who take 6 hours of sleep per night, increase the chance of getting pregnant than an oversleeping woman.

So by above reason, it is proven that oversleeping harm a lot. From getting obese to increasing the risk of death and ageing, sleeping for a long time impacts a lot. It disturbs your daily routine as well as weekly schedule. To get back on track, limit the sleeping time and incorporate hygienic sleep practices into your daily routine.


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