Tips To Take Care Of The Newborn Baby


Wow! After completing the tough journey of 9 months of pregnancy, made it successfully through the excitement of labour and delivery. Now a new life is in your hands. Bringing a life into this world is the ultimate happiest moment forever which cannot be described in words.

Now your responsibilities double with the newborn and many new moms get nervous. This happens especially with those who have not spent a lot of time around newborns. After bringing their new baby home from the hospital, many new parents feel unprepared.

So in this complicated time, they need help and suggestion. A parent who has kids before, doctors, your parents can give better suggestion how to take Care Of The Newborn Baby. A lot of things to keep in mind while taking care of a newborn. So following these tips will make new parenthood a little easier.

Proper Lifting Position:

While lifting our baby, we must be careful and it’s necessary to support the head of our baby carefully. As the neck and head part of a newborn are very delicate and are still in the process of development. So while lifting the baby, you must be supported with hand properly and make sure that they are safe in your hands.

Don’t Fear About The Soft Spot On The Head:

Often we see some soft spots on newborn babies head till 1-2 years. As the skull of the child does not form completely, so these marks are common. You need not be worried as over these spots, the inner membrane has the strong covering.

Prohibit shaking your baby’s body: Don’t shake your baby, no matter what! Their muscles are in the process of formation, if we shake them thoroughly, they are more prone to injuries like serious spinal and brain damage.

Don’t Shake Your Baby:

Whatever may be the condition, never shake your baby. Its very dangerous, as the muscles of a newborn baby are in the process of formation. By shaking a newborn baby may lead to injuries like serious spinal and brain damage.

Keep A Note On Timings:

As a newborn baby can’t express feelings by saying, so must be aware of what they need at that time. When they feel anything uncomforted, they can cry or do little movements. So these are the alert signal, you must understand. When babies have an empty stomach, they mainly cry. So remember their alert signals and fulfil what they need at that time.

Be Careful At The Time Of Feeding Them:

A mother should undertake the best practice, its breastfeeding. It’s not only beneficial for mother, but also for baby. Early 6 months of breastfeeding will boost up the immunity of the infant. When the babies are towards the age of getting teeth, try to feed some soft eatables such as bananas, milk and biscuits etc.

Know How To Feed Your Baby:

Choose the right way of feeding your baby. Some mothers choose to breastfeed while some choose to feed them with the bottle. Make sure, you baby feel comfortable while feeding. If you are using bottles for feeding, sterilize the bottle properly, so that it will not hurt the mouth of your little one. Check it time to time and must replace after every fixed interval of 45 days.

Keep an Eye on Hygiene:

You need to take proper care and proper attention to your newborn at the time of bathing and changing diapers. When diapers become wet, babies feel uncomfortable and usually cry. So Change the diaper after the short interval of time.

So these are some common newborn baby care tips. We hope these will be beneficial for a new parent when you bring home your bundle of joy.


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