Top Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid


Today we are in a confusing state that which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy. Here we have discussed some foods which are unhealthy. If you are diet and health conscious person, you must avoid these foods.

Many people are there who really don’t like to eat such unhealthy foods. So continue reading to know about the unhealthy impacts of such foods.


This is cholesterol-free and healthier than butter, but it’s not an original milk product. In Margarine a block of trans-fats is present which increases the risk of cardiac arrest. You can replace your butter option with olive oil.


Aerated Drinks

Generally, most aerated drinks manufacture are using sweetener, High Fructose Corn Syrup, or in case of diet sodas. So these chemicals are not good for health. It increases the chance of obesity. We must not forget that significant portions of toxic mercury are there in HFCS.


Microwave Popcorn

We all love Popcorn as a quicker and healthier snack. Popcorn cooked n the microwave has been revealed to be filled with sodium and unnecessary fat. Also, it has the thyroid-inducing Perfluorochemicals and also contains the carcinogenic Diacetyl.



When you are in hunger, what could seem healthier than the mouth-watering Pizzas? But the cheesy treat in pizzas doesn’t come close to being nutritious. It doubles your intake of harmful sodium.


Potato Chips

Among all age groups, potato chips are such a snack option which is favourite. But its side effects are high. It is dangerous to our health as it is rich in excessive fat and calorie plus and also the absence of nutrients. If you are a big lover of such snacks and consuming always, then you are opening the path towards the risk of high cholesterol.


All kids and most adults love this delicious, addictive treats. But according to research, doughnuts have the empty hole and it’s only the good thing about that food. But the use of refined flour, artificial flavours, sugar, partially hydrogenated oil and mammoth quantities of trans-fat, with absolutely zero vitamins or nutrients make this food an unhealthy option. This is the lethal combination which you must avoid.

Processed Meats

In processed meat, a compound found which is known as sodium nitrite. This compound can increase the cancerous effects on the body’s cells. A research made on this food and found that those who repeatedly consumed processed meats have a fearsome 67 per cent higher chance of increasing pancreatic cancer


Soy Sauce

In most Asian households, Soya Sauce is a staple but is not healthy that we think. Neither has it had anti-oxidants nor the most important isoflavones. Here the high salt content increases the chance of being afflicted with cancer or carcinogens.


Refined Sugar

We are thinking that refined sugar is healthy for our health but it’s another poison. These are polished granules and lack of their vitamins and other nutrients. It has no pure carbohydrate which is difficult to digest in isolation. In the form of fatty acid, such carbohydrates accumulate inside the heart and kidneys. It increases the chance of high blood pressure.

We must not forget that there is no list of an ingredients list in real food, as real food IS the ingredient.


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