10 Best Exercises For Reducing Belly Fat At Home And Expert Tips

Carrying excess weight around your midsection can be frustrating and have negative impacts on your health. Thankfully, with a targeted belly fat workout plan, you can start burning visceral fat and toning those abs in the comfort of your own home. No gym membership required!

This comprehensive guide outlines the 10 most effective home exercises for reducing belly fat based on science. We’ll also provide expert-backed tips on maximizing your fat burning potential through your diet, workout program, hydration, sleep and more. Follow these recommendations consistently, and you’ll be well on your way to a trimmer, more toned tummy.

Let’s conquer belly fat once and for all. With a strategic exercise routine and lifestyle habits focused on core strength and fat loss, you can get the flat, defined abs you’ve been working towards!

The 10 Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

1. Plank

This signature core move tones your entire midsection as you balance in a pushup position on your forearms and toes. Hold for as long as possible, working up to 60 seconds.

2. Mountain climbers

Get into a high plank position and alternate pulling your knees towards your chest in a running motion. Go for 60 seconds straight. This shreds belly fat through intense cardio. 

3. Crunches

Standard floor crunches flexing your torso target the rectus abdominis muscle for a 6-pack. Do 3 sets of 15, holding each crunch.

4. Bicycle crunches

Lying face up, mime pedaling a bicycle with your legs to activate your obliques as you crunch upwards. Shoot for 3 sets of 20.

5. Russian twists

With knees bent, rotate your torso from side to side touching the floor on each twist. Keep your abs engaged. Build to 3 sets of 25.

6. Burpees

One of the most effective full-body fat burners, involving planks, squat thrusts and jumps. Try to complete 10-15 consecutive burpees. 

7. Jump rope

This intense cardio activity torches calories and fat. Mix in intervals of fast and slow jumping for 2-3 minutes total.

8. High knees

Run in place, bringing your knees to waist level working your core with each lift. Complete 100-200 total lifts.

9. Flutter kicks

Lying on your back, raise your legs off the floor and alternate rapidly kicking in a fluttering motion. Do 2-3 sets of 30 seconds.  

10. Hip raises

Lie on your back, arms at your sides. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up, holding briefly. Lower down. Repeat 20 times.

Combine these exercises into circuit-style belly fat workouts at home 3-4 days per week for the best results.

Diet Tips to Enhance Fat Loss

Completing targeted ab exercises is wonderful, but a poor diet can totally counteract your hard work. Follow these diet tips to enhance fat burning:

  • Cut back on sugar – Excess sugar is stored as belly fat. Reduce sweets, soda, juices, candy and limit fruits high in natural sugars.
  • Increase protein – Protein keeps you full, reduces cravings and helps maintain metabolism-boosting muscle when losing weight. Aim for 0.5-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
  • Choose whole grains – Refined grains lead to spikes and crashes in blood sugar that increase belly fat. Pick whole grain breads, oats, quinoa, brown rice instead.
  • Load up on veggies – Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, keeping you satisfied on fewer calories to promote fat loss. 
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking enough water prevents fluid retention and bloating so your belly fat loss results become visible. Aim for at least sixty-four ounces per day.
  • Limit alcohol – Alcohol is high in empty calories and causes your body to store more fat. Restrict to 1-2 servings max per day.
  • Add apple cider vinegar – Some research shows vinegar may encourage fat loss, especially around the midsection. Add it to salad dressings or dilute in water.
  • Choose healthy fats – Swap saturated fats for more monounsaturated fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil to reduce abdominal fat.

With the right diet adjustments to support your workout regimen, you’ll shed stubborn belly fat more quickly and effectively.

Lifestyle & Self-Care Tips 

Your exercise routine and diet are paramount, but other lifestyle factors hugely impact your ability to lose belly fat. Try these expert tips:

  • Reduce stress – High cortisol from chronic stress prompts fat storage around the midsection. Adopt relaxing habits like yoga, meditation and journaling daily.
  • Get enough sleep – Not getting 7-9 hours per night disrupts hormones that regulate hunger, metabolism and fat burning. Prioritize regular bedtimes. 
  • Stand up more – Sitting for long periods slows metabolism and burns minimal calories. Take standing breaks, walk when possible, or try a standing desk.
  • Lift weights – Building muscle via resistance training raises your resting metabolism so you torch more calories and fat around the clock.
  • Do HIIT workouts – High Intensity Interval Training provides short, intense bursts of exercise that revs up fat burning.
  • Drink green tea – Compounds in green tea boost metabolism and encourage abdominal fat loss. Brew 2-3 cups per day.  
  • Manage stress – Unmanaged stress spikes levels of the hormone cortisol, which promotes belly fat storage. Adopt relaxing habits daily.
  • Monitor posture – Stand up straight with shoulders back and be mindful not to hunch over at your desk or slouch on the couch. Proper posture keeps your ab muscles engaged.
  • Stay accountable – Share your goals and progress with a friend or fitness group. Accountability improves consistency achieving results.

With the right lifestyle choices to complement your exercise regimen, you can finally conquer belly fat.

Putting It All Together

Follow this complete game plan incorporating the workout exercises, dietary strategies and lifestyle tips provided in this guide, and you’ll be slimming your waistline in no time:

  • Perform ab-targeted home workouts 3-4 days per week mixing the 10 recommended exercises into circuits, supersets and intervals to maximize fat burning.
  • Cut back on refined sugars and carbs that spike blood sugar and hunger while ramping up protein, healthy fats and fiber intake to stay satisfied on fewer calories.
  • Incorporate additional activity like walking into your regular daily routine and stand more often throughout the day.
  • Adopt stress-relieving practices like meditation to keep cortisol in check.
  • Get at least 7 hours of quality sleep per night to optimize hormone balance.
  • Stay diligent tracking your progress and remain accountable to fitness groups or friends for motivation.  
  • Drink plenty of water to curb false hunger and hydrate for effective fat loss.

The combination of strength training, cardio, proper nutrition, healthy habits and self-care delivers powerful belly-fat busting results. With consistency and dedication, you’ll start seeing and feeling noticeable improvements each week.


Reducing excess belly fat provides huge benefits for your health, confidence and quality of life. The right home exercise routine combined with supportive diet and lifestyle changes makes flat, toned abs achievable. This guide outlined the 10 best exercises for directly engaging all the abdominal muscles along with tactics for improving nutrition, activity levels, reducing stress, getting quality sleep and staying accountable. 

While losing fat in a targeted area takes time and dedication, the payoff is incredibly worthwhile. Not only will you feel fitter and achieve the physique you’ve always wanted, but you’ll significantly decrease your risks associated with carrying excess abdominal fat. Improved posture, mobility and energy levels await you. Start implementing these expert recommendations today to finally achieve your body goals. Consistency is key, so stick with your belly-fat busting plan!

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