100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Your Brother

Your brother has been by your side through it all – the memories you’ve shared over the years are priceless. His birthday is the perfect opportunity to show your brother how much he means to you and celebrate the special bond you share. Finding the right words can be difficult, so we’ve put together over 100 heartfelt birthday messages for brothers. 

Whether he’s your big brother, little brother, twin brother, stepbrother or brother-in-law, you’ll find the perfect sentiment here. Funny birthday wishes, inspirational messages, thoughtful quotes and simple short wishes – take your pick from this ultimate collection. Touch your brother’s heart on his special day by sharing a meaningful birthday wish straight from you. Keep reading for over 100 heart touching ways to say happy birthday brother!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

1. Another year older, another year wiser…or in your case, a year closer to that senior discount! Happy birthday to the best old brother. 

2. Happy birthday to my partner in crime! Thanks for always having my back, even when our shenanigans got us grounded. 

3. Today is all about you, birthday bro! Get ready for embarrassing stories, ridiculous presents, and celebrating my awesome big/little brother.

4. I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but I’ll always look up to you. Happy birthday, bro!

5. Cheers to my brother who’s always down for adventure. Happy birthday – now let’s go make some memories!

6. Today is the day we celebrate you and all your weird quirks! Happy birthday, weirdo. 

7. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother! Our parents may regret us teaming up, but I never will.

8. I hope your birthday is as silly and fun as you are. You have a license to be as goofy as you want today!

9. You’re not the brother I would have chosen, but mom and dad left me no options. I’m kidding – you’re alright! Happy birthday!

10. Every birthday celebration should include embarrassing stories about the guest of honor. So get ready for a doozy! Happy birthday bro!

11. Happy birthday to my lifelong partner-in-crime! Thanks for always plotting adventures, upholding traditions, and making every day better.

12. Today is all about you, birthday bro! Get ready to celebrate my hilarious, awesome brother with some epic memories! 

13. Here’s to another year of building memories and staying young at heart together. Happy birthday, twin!

14. You’re the Jim to my Dwight, the mac to my cheese. Can’t imagine sharing life with anyone but you! Happy birthday, brother.

15. To the Ash Ketchum to my Pikachu, have the happiest birthday ever. Just don’t try to put me in a Pokeball!

Sweet Birthday Messages for Brother

16. To my first and forever friend, happy birthday bro! Life is so much brighter with you in it.

17. Growing up, you always had my back. Now we get to navigate life together. Happy birthday to the best brother! 

18. Cheers to you on your birthday, brother! Thanks for always making me laugh and dreaming big with me. 

19. A great brother is worth more than all the gold in the world! Thanks for being priceless to me. Happy birthday.

20. Having a brother like you is the best gift our parents ever gave me. Thanks for a lifetime of adventures! Happy birthday.

21. Through all of life’s ups and downs, I always knew I had you by my side. Proud to call you my brother and best friend. Happy birthday!

22. Thank you for teaching me to be brave, keeping me smiling, and supporting my dreams. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

23. Every childhood memory leads back to you. Thanks for the days of friendship that will last all our lives. Happy birthday, awesome brother!

24. Congrats on making it through another year! You deserve the best birthday for being the world’s greatest brother.

25. I’m so thankful for the memories we’ve made together. Here’s to making many more adventures! Happy birthday, bro! 

26. You’ll always be the protective, fun big/little brother I looked up to. I’m so grateful for our lifetime of memories. Happy birthday!

27. When I count my blessings, I count you twice. Thanks for everything, bro. Happy birthday!

28. Happy birthday to my Day One! Can’t imagine this life without my best bro beside me. You’re the best!

29. To my role model, cheering squad, and partner in crime – happy birthday to the world’s best brother!

30. I must have done something great to deserve a brother as fun and caring as you! Happy birthday bro!

Funny Brother Birthday Wishes

31. Happy birthday to my partner in mischief and best accomplice ever! Let’s celebrate with some epic new shenanigans.

32. Congrats, you’ve leveled up in life again! But you’ll always be a noob to me. Happy birthday, bro!

33. Happy birthday to the brother who still owes me $20 from 1987. Just kidding! (Not really though, I’ll take Venmo.)

34. I’m sorry we can’t all be as cool and talented as you think you are! Just kidding, bro. Happy birthday! 

35. Today we’re celebrating my brother – wearer of vintage T-shirts, eater of cold pizza, dreamer of dreams. Happy birthday, man!

36. Thanks for always laughing at my jokes even when no one else does. Have the best birthday, bro!

37. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother! Let’s make up for lost years by raging like true siblings today.

38. Can you feel it? You’re another year older now. Or is that just your bones creaking? Happy birthday, old man!

39. I know I said I wouldn’t get you anything for your birthday this year, so I got you this card instead! Happy birthday!

40. Today is all about you! But enough talk about me, let’s celebrate your special day bro! Happy birthday. 

41. Roses are red, violets are purple. We may fight sometimes, but you know I’ve always got your back. Happy birthday bro!

42. Happy birthday to my personal comedian. Thanks for cracking me up since day one!

43. Happy birthday to the greatest bro in history! Remember when I said you weren’t my favorite sibling? I was just kidding!

44. I’m so glad you were born so I could have someone to blame for my mistakes growing up! Happy birthday to the best scapegoat ever!

45. Today is your day to sit back and relax while the rest of us wait on you hand and foot. Or at least I’ll consider bringing you a drink refill. Happy birthday!

Meaningful Birthday Messages for Brother

46. To my dearest brother, may your special day bring you all the love and light you show others 365 days a year. Happy birthday!

47. Birthdays come once a year, but being your sister is the best gift of all time. Happy birthday to my forever friend. Love you!

48. As kids we shared toys, as teens we shared secrets, and now we share advice. Thanks for always sharing your world with me. Happy birthday!

49. Congrats on another trip around the sun. I hope this year brings you unlimited joy and adventures. Love you, brother!

50. This birthday wish comes with all my love and a giant virtual hug. Hope your special day is magnificent!

51. Happy birthday to the most caring, loyal, fun brother anyone could wish for. I’ll always be #1 in your fan club!

52. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to dream bigger, work harder, and live fuller. Wishing you a birthday that’s as awesome as you!

53. Today let’s celebrate my amazing brother for being the thoughtful, kind and loving person that you are. Happy birthday – you deserve the world!

54. There’s no gift special enough to give someone as wonderful as you. I hope you have the happiest birthday. Love you bro!

55. Brother, thank you for always lifting me up and having my back. Wishing you the best birthday celebration ever!

56. Happy birthday to the strongest, bravest, most resilient person I know. You’ve overcome so much and it inspires me daily.

57. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and life lessons over the years. I admire you immensely. Happy birthday, brother!

58. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, loyal sibling and friend. Here’s to celebrating you! Happy birthday, bro.

59. Thank you for always welcoming me with open arms. You give the best hugs and words of encouragement. Happy birthday! 

60. On your special day, I think of all you’ve taught me and feel grateful to have you as my guiding light. Happy birthday, brother!

Funny Sister Birthday Messages for Brothers

61. Happy birthday to the most annoying brother ever! Just kidding – you’re only the MOST annoying. Seriously though, I love you and wish you an amazing day!

62. Growing up, I thought you were an obnoxious pest. Now I think you’re an old obnoxious pest. I’m just kidding! Happy birthday, bro! Can’t imagine life without you.

63. Thanks for always being there, for the most part, when I needed you…after putting up a fight. You’re the best and worst brother! Happy birthday!

64. Happy birthday to the brother who used to drive me nuts but now only mildly irritates me. You’re alright I guess!

65. Hope you have a birthday as fun and special as you are, bro! Proud to be your sister, even though I know I wasn’t mom and dad’s first pick. Their loss!

66. Wishing my big little brother a super fun day for your super “mature” birthday! Love ya bro! 

67. Happy birthday to my partner in crime! Let’s celebrate with your favorite pizza and a movie where I won’t make too much fun of your crush on the leading lady.

68. Happy birthday to the king of bad jokes and corny puns! Keep ’em coming, they always make me laugh. Love you!

69. BRO! Birthdays only come once a year so it’s time to party like it’s your birthday every day this year. You have my permission as your sister!

70. Happy birthday to my lifelong dance partner! Thanks for rocking out with me in the living room since we were kids. Except now your moves are even rustier.

71. Happy birthday to the brother who still hasn’t paid me back for sneaking you into that concert when we were teens. Hope you have an awesome day anyway! 

72. Yooooo, oldie! I mean happy birthday! I can’t wait to shower you with embarrassing memories today. Love ya broski!

73. I promise not to tell any mortifying stories about you at your party today! SIKE. Happy birthday broseph!

Sweet Birthday Wishes from Sister

74. I’m so proud to call you my brother. Thank you for the endless love and support you’ve always given me. Happy birthday to the best bro ever!

75. Happy birthday to my Day One! Thanks for paving the way and setting an amazing example. I’m so blessed to call you my brother.

76. Congrats on another trip around the sun! I hope this year is your best one yet. Celebrate in style, brother!

77. Thank you for being my built-in best friend from birth. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday, brother! 

78. Growing up, we definitely had our fights but through it all we remained tight. That’s how I know our bond is unbreakable. Happy birthday to the best bro!

79. I couldn’t ask for a more caring, loyal, hilarious brother. So glad you were born! Happy birthday – let’s make today amazing.

80. Happy birthday to my role model and superhero! Thank you for always protecting me and guiding me. I love you more than you know.

81. Here’s to celebrating the kindest, most thoughtful brother in the universe! The world is brighter because you’re in it. Happy birthday!

82. Sending all my love to my #1 supporter on his birthday! You make life an adventure. Can’t imagine it without my twin bro!

83. Thank you for paving the way and being someone I can always count on. Wishing you endless birthday magic!

84. Even when we disagree, I always cherish our unbreakable bond. Happy birthday to a one-of-a-kind brother!

85. You have taught me so much about life, love and what it means to be family. I love you infinity times infinity! Happy Birthday! 

86. Thanks for being my partner in crime and voice of reason when I need one. Here’s to celebrating you all day long! Happy birthday broski!

87. I hope your birthday is as awesome as you’ve made my life. Couldn’t ask for a sweeter brother. Party it up – you deserve it!

88. When we were kids, you let me tag along with you and your friends, even when I was a total pest. Thanks for always making me feel included. I love you! Happy Birthday!

Brotherly Love Birthday Messages

89. No matter how old we get, I’ll always look up to my big bro. Thanks for blazing the trail. Happy birthday, man!

90. As loud as we fight, that’s how much louder our brotherly love speaks. Happy birthday to my best bro! 

91. Thanks for schooling me in video games, sports and life over the years. You’re the ultimate big brother. Happy birthday!

92. Congrats on another trip around the sun! I’m proud of the awesome person you’ve become. Let’s rage in style today! Happy birthday bro!

93. Happy birthday to my OG – thanks for always having my back! Looking forward to a lifetime more of adventures with my #1 guy.

94. You’re still bigger and stronger, but now that I’m taller I can wrestle you even harder for the last slice of pizza. I’ll always be your little bro! Happy birthday!

95. Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time to party…because today it’s all about YOU! Happy birthday bro!

96. Thanks for teaching me the important things in life – how to shoot hoops, ride a bike and talk to girls! Happy birthday to the ultimate wingman.

97. Today is your day to celebrate, brother! We’ve had some epic times over the years. Love ya broseph! Let’s keep making memories. 

98. Happy birthday to my lifelong best friend! We’ve been teammates, rivals and partners in mischief over the years. But most of all, brothers for life.

99. Here’s to chasing dreams, making memories and rocking life together. Proud to call you my brother and best friend. Happy birthday, man!

100. Our brotherly bond withstands the test of time. Happy birthday to my blood brother and friend for life!


A heartfelt birthday wish reminds your brother how much he means to you while celebrating your unique lifelong bond. Tailor your message based on your ages, relationship and shared memories – whether you’re twins, stepsiblings or years apart, your personal perspective makes your message extra meaningful. 

If you’re feeling sentimental, choose an inspirational quote that captures your love. Share a funny childhood memory for some laughs or simply say how much his friendship means to you. However you customize your birthday wish, your brother is sure to appreciate the heart and thought you put into brightening his special day.

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